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At We-Say-Yes Funding Inc, our goal is to help investors wherever they are investing get funding for their deals.  We work with investors in all states finding the lender that best fits the type of project that they are working on to ensure that they get the best rates and terms possible.  Our goal is to make the experience with our investor clients transparent and as easy as we can make it.  There is a special relationship between the investor who needs the funding, the broker, me, that finds the the lender that specializes in the investor's type of deal and the lender that puts it all together and makes the magic happen.  The goal is to get to the closing table as fast as possible.  This timeline starts with the investor gathering the documents needed for the lender to get his process started.  It is the very important first step in the loan process.  Once all of the documents that the lender needs has been received, it is a quick process for approval and closing.

We also, help investors succeed in their Real Estate Markets by helping them find properties to invest in.  Our Investor Services are also nationwide in all US states.

Big on Real Estate Deals but Low on Funds?  Problem Solved!

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We Match Great Deals with Great Funding!

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We are an experienced Private Money Broker Company out of Carrollton, Georgia and specialize in helping investors get their deals funded nationwide.

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